Selected prints available for purchase, in batches of ten. Once ona print selsl out, it never comes back.

Morning fog

Morning fog

from 80.00

Stockholm overtaken by morning fog, late November 2018.

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Frames are available in black, white or dark brown. All frameworks include the mounted picture, a wooden frame, table glass and customized Passepartout (white), as well as suspension device. All measurements describe the inner dimensions of the frame.

Images are exposed to genuine photographic paper. To ensure a smooth image surface, all images are assembled on 5mm Kapa.

Cansons Acid-free Passepartout Cardboard; 1800gr (white) is used for Passepartout. The frame profiles have a height and width of 32x20mm. Each frame profile is made of environmentally friendly wood. We use 2mm tablecloths.

To protect your image from moisture and dust, the back of the frame is sealed with acid-free tape. All paintings are delivered with suspension device.