John Guthed


Faces, places, spaces.

Alongside a career in digital, mainly as a Creative Director, I've been taking photographs for almost ten years. Still, I never considered myself a photographer. 

Put simply, I enjoyed taking pictures. The thinking about it, the picking up the camera and the get going, the post production. It was all pure bliss to me. The looks on peoples faces when they saw themselves in a picture and felt good about themselves. Unbeatable.

Still,  I never considered myself a photographer. 

Then, I started getting some attention online. Big photo agencies began picking up my work. I was choosen as a suggested member at Expoure.  I was handpicked as one of then photographers over at EyeEm (which is kind of a big deal, since they've got some 18 million members, all talented in their own ways). Basically, people started paying me to take pictures. So I decided to turn that interest into a business and consider myself a photographer.

But no matter how you look at it, it's still all about taking pictures, the thinking about it, the postprocessing and the looks on people's faces. And the joy of doing so.

John Guthed

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