John Guthed Photography



Dearly beloved,

We've gathered here today to get through this thing called "walls dying for attention". I'm talking about that one space in everybody's home or office,  in dire need of a touch-up. "Some colour should do it" you might think at first. 

Nah. Here's a better idea. 

Get some fresh prints. Get some of mine. 

They're unique, come in batches of ten and once they are sold, they'll never be sold again. Instead, I'll replace them with something completely different. The idea here is to challenge myself as a photographer and supply photo enthusiasts with something, well, a bit special.

Naturally, they're all printed on fine photo paper, ultra matte for as little reflections as possible, Not only that - colours will be softer, the blacks blacker (and the printer people way happier, since that kind of paper costs serious money. But it is worth it). 

I've been thinking about getting my own web shop for some time now. At first, it felt quite self-righteous, to be honest. Who am I to think other people would be the least interested in purchasing my images? Then I asked some people for advice, as well as online, and the answer was pretty much anonymous. "You are an idiot. Of course, you should have one". 

So, here it is. Please feel free to check it out in the menu above, or at And if you should find something that might just fit that wall of yours - use the code B1R8ZF8 on check out for a nice 30% discount (applicable until July 6th).