To create a story

The idea of telling stories to your clients. It's not that easy, man. Here's how I did it recently.

A week ago I shot a picture of my kids with my mobile. They were shouting and screaming on the roof of a playhouse in the suburbs, the sun sat perfectly behind them, and I realised that it would be a good picture if I hid the sun behind my son's head. And it was. Even though images of one's child are rarely interesting to someone other than your closest friends and family, this matured into a great picture in many ways.

But it became really interesting when I continued to work (with) it.

See, the picture I shot my phone, I also edited on my phone. I then sent it to Crimson - from the same phone, mind you - who sent back a 70 x 100 cm digital print for a few hundred Swedish Kronas. That equals about 20 dollars.

At home, I hung it, and when I wanted to level it, I used the built-in level in my phone (look for the compass app, there you'll find it). Then, I took a picture of the whole arrangement with that same phone, using Focalmark to get the right hashtags and finally posted the results on my social media. At the time of writing my Instagram flow keeps coming up with likes and happy comments (at least if I compare to what I usually get, like a few hundred interactions per post).

Why did that happen?

Well, I think there is a reasonably simple explanation here. It's a bit of fun that everything I did was done on the phone, that's one thing. But I think the fact that I did it was the primary effort. That I took the time, shot it, edited it, hung it and shared it. All topped with a humblebrag caption.

In other words, I managed to be somewhat relevant to others by telling something I actually know and can do, which in tunr maybe saved them time and even killed some while reading up. The question you should ask now is this; what can I do that others cannot and how can I show it without becoming Captain Obvoius?

The only thing that bothers me now is that I did not post at eight PM, as usual, but at 2 PM, just before America woke up. Which happens to be the country I have most followers in, which in itself is a bit weird. But fun, too!